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One Last Horoscope Before I Go

Today's horoscope:Mavericks inspire legends, although not much trust. No matter how convincing you are, some aren't yet ready to step away from what they know. Keep on trying despite what these reluctant fools say.

This one I admit - I have no idea what it means. Does this mean I shall need to do some fancy talkin' to some highway policeman...?

On another note, just got some spam. "Help Win Back The White House!" It proclaims.

1) I'm Australian.
How on earth am I going to help the Democrats win back the White House? And they do want me to do something as "That's why the Democratic Party is counting on YOU and thousands of others across the country to get involved by receiving important news updates, action alerts, campaign and rally information, petitions See - they put 'you' in capital letters. They mean me to do business.
I'm having trouble enough believing in the Aussie Democratic Party, let alone doing my bit for another country's party. Hekc, I'd be happy if the ADP kept the same leader three weeks in a row! Or if said leader didn't abscond to another party mid-way through a year.

2) Where's my damn porn spam?!?!?!!?
I don't ask for my in life, (Other than Orlando Bloom and 2 kM of Bubblewrap.) but if I'm going to be bombarded with spam, could I pretty please have something more interesting than dogs talking and politcs? Just 1 Russian bride spam would make me happy. Even Viagra, or some other penis extending/enhancing product which I could mock and point at would be nice.

On a completly unrelated note, I shall be at the Australian Open Tennis this week. My friends have asked me to do something so they shall be able to see me on the telly. They have asked me to streak across centre court for them. Thankfully, I had the foresight to make the New Years Resolution
I shalt not streak at the football.
And while, yes I do realise football and tennis are not one and the same, I feel this should apply here. Streaking at any sporting event televised or un-televised is a no-no this year. Dang it.

And so I'm off like a bucket of prawns in the sun. See you all in Febuary.

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