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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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All that *and* a bag of chips
So I bought the "Carmen Electra Fit To Strip" Exercise DVD. Put it on today, and I gotta say I'm impressed by the workout I got. And I felt tres sexy doing it, though I did keep laughing at myself.

My only quibble with it - I don't have 'stripper hair' so I don't look the entire part. Oh well.

And now to go for a walk with Afro. I am very sporty today - let's just ignore the two ice-creams I had for lunch. (And hey - do any of you people in countries that aren't Australia have an ice-cream called "Gaytime"? 'Cause they are the yummiest ice-creams of all.)

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We don't get "Gaytime" but I have ordered the DVD to try out I already have a great yoga one but need something to dance to and this looks just the ticket.

I can't recommend the DVD enough. It is so much fun, and I find I start doing some of the moves while I"m listening to music at work. Which, yeah, does have the potential to be embarrassing, but people are used to me now.

I'm going to have to order the rest of the set now.

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