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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Stupid People; Stupid Questions
I was in Subway the other day, and I asked to have on a 6inch Italian Herb and Cheese bread a Ham and Mustard subway. To which the girl serving me immediatly asked me "Would you like any meat on that?"

I looked at her, considered the question, and replied "I think the Ham will be enough meat on that. But thanks for asking."


On a different topic, I saw Million Dollar Baby the other night. I didn't want to see it, but my Dad said it was now his all-time favourite movie. That's a big call for Dad to make. He's....not known for his enjoyment of movies. He hated Ocean's 12 because there were too many characters. (He came out of the cinema and proclaimed "Eleven was enough! Twelve was confusing") He watched The Others in 23 minutes, because he just fast-forwards through chase scenes in long hallways. ("Enough with the running! Do something you ninnys!!"

The only other movie Dad was deemed worthy of recommending was "Silence of the Lambs", so when he said MDB was so good I thought I'd better go see it.

Wow. That movie just shattered my heart. It was just a simple story, with characters that had heart and flaws and dimensions. No special effects, no smoke and mirrors. Just a story about people and dreams. This is more than a movie about women boxers. This is a movie about human spirit and determination. It's about love at it's most pure form. It's about wanting more than you should, and not stopping until you get it.

See this movie. Now.