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Papal Stuff
Zen Fen
As a Catholic who doesn't have any memory of a Pope dying before, I'm finding the whole death/ceremony/thing (whatever the word I'm looking for should be) incredibly fascinating.

First up - the "official way to prove a Pope is really dead and not faking it." Who on earth came up with tapping the poor man on the head with a silver hammer and calling their name three times? And why do I imagine it one day going along the lines of - "Hey, Pope!" Tap "Oi! Dude!!" Tap "Oh Pope-y..!" And him then "Fooled ya! Hah!" and jumping up and running the Boston marathon.

When I leave this mortal coil, I want to be tapped on the head three times. Someone make sure that happens please.

I've also been reading up about the supposed candidates (as you're not allowed to put your name into the hat until after the funeral and burial), and as much as I'd like one of the third world/African Cardinals to get the position, I'd like the Belgian Godfried Danneels to be the next big thing in the white hat. For two reasons - from which I've read, (and I've read this on the internet, so I am taking it with a metric tonne of salt) he has spoken in the past of allowing women to play a larger role in the Church, and has also condoned the use of condoms to prevent AIDS. Dude. The condom thing alone - if it is true - impresses the pants off me. A man who realises that faith alone can't save you. I hope it is true.

But really, as long as by some freaky-arse accident George W. doesn't end up with the job, I'll be happy.

And I also get a sadistic kick outta poor Charles and Camilla having to change their wedding plans because of the funeral. Anyone else reckon Charles threw himself on the ground kicking and screaming going "No Mummy! I don't want to change my plans again!! I'm not tired and cranky!"