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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Bits and Pieces
Burnt Rock by wintercreek
First up, a big thank you to mabiana for the birthday card! And I feel exactly the same way about you. I'm glad we met.

Secondly up, last week I had an area of skin removed on my arm. It wasn't a mole, but it was a different colour to the rest of me. When I showed the doc, the first thing he said was "Wow, good pick up. It may not be a skin cancer, but not all skin cancers start off as moles. We'll have to have that removed as soon as possible to check it out, but I"m sure you'll be fine." My first thought was "What?!?! Nah mate, what you was supposed to say was 'Don't be stupid, there's nothing wrong with you. Begone and take your pasty chicken wing arm with you!!'." But he didn't, and so I went to the hospital and he gave me a local and cut my arm and sewed it back together.

The op wasn't that bad, truth be told. The local was a real bitch (and I may have whimpered somewhat), and I really didn't like it when he put the stitches in (okay, it was just one stitch, but stitches sound way cooler.), but it was good. Quick, which is always good.

Went back today, and lo and behold I am fine. No cancerous skin or glands or whatever Just felt the need to bold that, as I know one of you may have been freaking out by psychically giving my the odd skin on my arm.

Also, there is so much to tell you all about IG2, but alas a lady never tells. And neither do I. All you need to know is it isn't always true what they say about a man who can't dance. My lordy, what a gentleman.

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I'm very glad to hear that you are fine! :-)

So am I! I wasn't worried until you had that dream, and then I may have freaked out a teeny tiny bit. :-) But yay!! I was very happy with the result!

Gahhh! I remember when I was waiting for the results of my biopsy a few months ago, it sucked mightily. {{{HUGS}}} and I'm glad you're ok.


I think that the scariest words a doctor can say to you is "We need to do X as soon as possible." That makes it sound so bad.

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