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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Since yesterday was the dreaded V-Day
Lancelot1 by acetylin
I should probably give you all an update on what's happening between me and IG2.

Short version: Absolutely nuthin'! (Say it again!)

Medium Version - we hang out talking until the sun rises on average once a week.

Long Version - While hanging out talking, he has bitten me four times on the arm. And I have given him a Chinese burn. Oh yeah; we're twelve.

We have also gotten into the habit of sending one word text messages to each other. The one words being things like "Vagina", "Testes", "Clitoris", "Penis", and "Vuvla". This came about because last week he wrote me a text and used the c word that ryhmes with runt. I dislike that word in print, and told him that he could say it 10 times right there and then if he wanted, but not to write it. So he stood there in the middle of the road at 3am and said it ten times. And then he sent me "Vagina". And then we sat on a sewerage tank and talked for an hour: just talked about how old we were when we figured out Santa, his upcoming trip to Italy, and how much I enjoyed the country when I was there years ago. We talked about SpongeBob Square Pants (or, as we like to call him, SpongePodge Square Bum)

I came so close to kissing him the Sunday night/Monday morning. But I chickened out. The next move has to be his - I told him how I felt that time on the 'phone, so he knows how I feel. Although....we're still talking about going camping together, so maybe something will happen then. :fingers crossed: