Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Asia V Rest of the World Cricket

So far, with 25-ish overs to go this cricket game has raised over 8 million dollars. This is very good.

The players game shirts are on ebay. (On the Australian Ebay site. Search under Cricket Tsunami.) At last look,Shane Warne's shirt is $A126,100.03. This is very good

The bidding on the coin that was tossed at the beginning of the game to decide who batted first is now up to $255,800.00. This is very good.

Daniel Vettori's shirt is only about $2800. This is good, but could be better.

Goth and I firmly believe that the low price is due to his bleached hair. Oh Vettori, how your tres' trendy haircut and unshaven beard pains me. And I was planning on moving to NZ for you.

EDIT: The cricket is over - The World won. (Which kinda made me sad. It was great that they played this for all it was worth, but it would have been nice if Asia had won. A lot - if not all - of the Asian player had lost someone in the Tsunami. They could have at least had the cricket.)

Money raised so far from a single game of cricket: 14.5 Million dollars (Australian)

Daniel Vettori - hair still questionable, though when he bowls, his shirt rides fetchingly up and you can see his belly. For the belly shots - I shall forgive the hair.

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