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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Where Do I Come From..?
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I was talking to the girls at work the other night about my fingers. My fingers are....awkward at say the least. Well, maybe awkward is the wrong word. I think they're fine, but they freak other people out who aren't used to them. Once I accidently dropped a 12 kilo lead lid on my right hand, and the medical centre at work was freaking out, as they though tI had broken every finger on my right hand. It took a lot of quick talking to convince them that that is how my fingers normally look. They ended up checking out my left hand to compare the digits, and the nurses exclaimed "What on earth have you done to your hands?!?!?!" (Apparently though, I did indeed break one finger - I know this as now when the temperature goes down to a certain degree, it goes numb and tingly.)

And they all have this unnatural bend in them. They're straight until the lsat bend before the nail, and then they bend any which way they so chose. It honestly looks like I may have broken my fingers in the womb. Apparantly though I would make a great guitar or piano player, due to the length of them I have been told my musicians I know.

T asked me who I got my fingers from, and I honestly don't know. I know I got my toes from my father's side, as I have the same alien toe-nail on the same toe as my Nan. But the fingers are another story altogether. I've looked through photographs, but I don't have a clear pic of my parents fingers. I have one of my brother's, and he too has the long slender finger thing happening. He doesn't have the bends though, so maybe I did to something to them long ago. Actaully, that reminds me when bro had to get tested for Marfan's Syndrome due to his elongated fingers, etc and his heart doing unhealthy things. I had forgotten about that.

But the point I was trying to make was how you never think about everything that goes into putting you together. I know who gave me my (original) hair colour, my left handedness, heck, even my love of beetroot, but things like fingers, and toes and hatred for peas are a mystery.

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Ah, you're obviously a long lost relative of that pharaoh Akhenaten! Beware, for one day a certain Daniel of SG-1 fame may just come looking for you. ;-)

Well that just made my day slightly more interesting and exciting. I shall await his arrival with baits and breasts baited breath...

and ponder all the things my long fingers may be able to show the fine Dr.

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