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Oh, have I mentioned
by Crunkette - Lancelot
that IG2 and my good self have a date planned for Friday night? We're going out to the local tavern for a few drinks, and then back to the house I'm taking care of to watch DVD's.

And that I asked him? And that he said yes?

I am under strict instructions from my friends who know whats going on to make sure I have on matching underwear and some condoms handy. Just in case.

Any advice? (Other than don't fall over.)

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Wouldn't it be grand though, if you could get condoms that matched underwear?! There's a market out there for this, and I think it would be even funnier classier if not only you could get Virgin underwear, they came with a 12 pack of french letters that were boxed in the same colours.

I'll let you know how the date goes. Well, maybe not all the date :fingers and toes crossed:

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