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New Years Resolutions for 2005
zorro by not_a_painter
I've spent the day helping Shellio make jelly shots in all the colours of the rainbow for tomorrows NYE 'do, and so I feel like it's close enough to the day to make my resolutions. So here goes....

My big one - the one I've had for 5 years now - is not to get arrested for streaking at a football game. It may sound like an odd resolution to make, but it's satisfying to get to the end of a year and know you've kept at least one resolution.

The others, in no particular order:
Give up smoking again.
Lose 10 kilos.
Plant a kiss on IG2
Curb my swearing
Take up Spanish again. (Or at least learn enough so I can swear in Spanish. 'Cause swearing in a foreign language doesn't count against you.)
Take up either Tai Chi or Yoga again.

And that should do me for 2005.

If I don't post before tomorrow night, may you all have a good night. And may 2005 only bring to you what you can handle.