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Falling Alseep on IG2's bed.
Lancelot3 by acetylin
I swear to whomever I need to be swearing to that my next post will have absolutely nothing to do with the boy.

We've been texting each other on a fairly regular basis since that 4 hour marathon. I wrote to him last night, and he replied that he was out, so I said to him that we could continue the conversation later. Well, at 2am he sent me a sms which woke me (and had me thinking my alarm was going off for work. I was lucky I remembered it was a day off or I may have gotten out to work before I noticed the time.) we sent a few back and forth, and he mentioned he was going to watch "The Last Samuri." and asked if I had seen it. No I hadn't. So he says:

I can run around and pick you up... on my way.

I may have slightly panicked. Because, you know, I had been sleeping and didn't have on any underwear, and was wearing thew pyjamams that state "Great in Bed", and my hair likes to hold wild orgies when I"m not awake and do things like defy gravity 15 different ways before June. And then there was the whole morning breath thing I had going on. So I jumped up, brushed my teeth, grabbed a zip-up tracksuit jacket, thought about putting on underwear but decided against it and just as I got outside my door there he was in his car. I got in, he drove back to his house and we had a smoke and a chat before starting the movie.

And did I mention that it wasn't until I got there that he said "The best TV is in my bedroom."? Dude. Like that's gonna be a hardship for me.

So we watched a bit, got to the part with Ninjas, and I had to stop for a smoke. I'm not good with Ninjas, they frighten me. He laughed at me, as I am terrible watching movies; I feel every hit, and jump around and yell at the screen and ask questions and give the lead actors helpful advice that they never follow. I apologuised for being so vocal watching it, and he said he was having fun watching me watch me. We spoke on the final scenes of Braveheart and how he can't imagine me watching that.

And then he showed my his bare bottom. Swear to god, I am not making this up. We got onto the subject of pain and scars, and he said he had a scar on both cheeks, and would I like to see? Would I like to see? I made a vague gesture and said "Why not. Bring it on."

I know I usually give you guys details but this time....no. But it was a fine specimen. A very fine specimen.

We went back to the movie, I was lying on his bed, he was on the floor and he kept making sure I didn't fall asleep before the best bits. And then he fell asleep during the final show-down. So I alternated between watching men with swords slash each other and get sprayed with blood, and watching him sleep. The movie ended about 0630, so I cleaned up, turned the telly off and tried to wake IG2 to say goodnight (or good morning. Whatever suits), but he sleeps rather deeply.

So I walked home (and someone I know saw me walking home close to IG2's house. I wonder if they will put two and two together?), and sent him a text thanking him for a great night. This morning he wrote back, and he chatted for half an hour.

So, we still haven't kissed or touched or held hands. But I've seen his underpants, his bare arse and drifted on his bed. I have no idea what we're doing, but lordy it is fun.

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Sounds like a good time was had by all. {{{hugs you!}}}

A great time was had by all. I am in trouble with one of friends for not taking advantage of the situation and making a move, but hey - I'd like the guy to be conscious when things heat up.

Sounds like a good start to a deep friendship. Glad he measures up in the but department sounds like you are having fun together.

I shouldn't tell you I'm off to see House of Flying Daggers tonight.

Yeah, even if nothing happens romantically, it's a blast hanging out with him. I just spoke with him on the 'phone - he's going out of town for new years, and I wanted to say hi before he left. And he said he'd miss me. He makes my fingers tingle.

House of Flying Daggers sounds like a good movie. Even though ninjas give me the willies they're always enjoyable to watch in action. Especailly female ninjas (ninj-ettes? Ms. ninjas?). They rock!

That sounds like a good feeling to have.

I shouldn't read your comments while trying to drink coke the screen almost got a shower. I can see the postman knocking a door and asking to give a letter to Ms Ninjas. its a very odd image to try and work with.

Must go drink alcohol to kill the effected brain cells.

"Falling alseep on IG2's bed" -- ah, a vowel exchange away from heaven. ;-)

Okay, so when I get excited my hold on the English language goes right out the window. Imagine what the subject line would be if I do sleep with him. "Igedslih slihexzdrfwe igelskjfg IG2"

Actually, I never noticed the spelling mistake (which I copied verbatim without realising it -- which is either really clever of me or really stupid), I was refering to changing on's 'o' to an 'i'. :-)

I think it was clever of you - you got me on my spelling, and managed a clever pun all in the one hit. Though I think the sentence would be much better if it was "Falling Asleep on IG2"

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