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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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I <3 the Post Office
Well-thrown by wintercreek
Oh people. People, people, people. Where I do begin with my love for my flist?

mabiana The card was beautiful. It has pride of place on my shelf, and will stay there long into the new year. Thank you so much.

cycnus39 Why yes, I am a nutty tart :g: I adore the socks - for they are cheeky yet practical. The penguin lolly has me intrigued more than anything. The Best before date is 30th December 2006. I'm partly tempted to keep it until the 29th Dec, 2006 just to see what it will be like. Also, because I am a tad perverted It's belly-button looks like a very small penis. The card was top-notch as well. For a country that spends Christmas Day in 40+C heat (104+F) we do like our snow-themed Christmassy things. We are a country stupid enough to even go the full hot oven roasted turkey for lunch.

d_violetta I have only just clicked as to who you are. I am a tool The photographs are beautiful!

And finally, thenightsfall. I am speechless. I am less of speech. I am touched, and a wee bit teary with all the christmas love. thenightsfall has sent me a card. Well, I'm assuming it is a card, as it is wrapped up in more bubblewrap than I have ever seen in my entire life It is the size of a small pillow. It is bubble-wrap. It is a pillo of bubble-wrapy goodness. I must have been an awfully good girl this year for Santa to let this pile of greatness through the mail.

I shall be taking a photograph of this wonder, so I can remember this for all time. I shan't be opening it until after my drinks and nibbles, so all my friends can see how wonderful my other friends are. They are all about the mocking of my bubble-wrap fetish love, but they shall get a kick out of this.

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You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. :-)

Glad you liked, lassie -- though I have to admit I'm a tad worried about the penguin penis...

Yes I'm that mad person. Really glad you liked the pictures.

Bubblewrap is amazing stuff. Enjoy yourself and post pictures.

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