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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Squeeing like the Lord of the Squee
So you know how I said earlier that IG2 wasn't properly not coming around tonight? Well......

He didn't.

But! We've been texting now for :checks watch: 2 hours now. I shudder to think of our phone bills.

I did say to him about an hour ago to just come around, to which he replied
Yeah I was thinking that. But... There was a reason. I would like to but I think I will wait till Wednesday.

He's coming Wednesday.

I'm all aflutter. My stomach is tingling. My fingers are tingling.

I think he might actually like me.

EDIT: Make that 3 hours. TIngle city. I am so giddy right now.

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::does happy dance for you!::


I'm going to have my camera on Wednesday night, so I'll take some photos.

I ended up going to bed at 0130. So it was all up 4 hours of texts. Just.....giddy right now. Can barely type good.

shouldn't that be lady of the squee?

much texting I hope your thumb recovers.

What's not to like about you?

Yay more pictures

Re: shouldn't that be lady of the squee?

My thumb is ready for anything at anytime :g:

What's not to like about you?

I actually have very little self-confidence. I just hide it well. And the first thing people say about IG2 is how nice and lovely he is. I honestly think he might be too nice for me.

I'm still going to see what happens between us though. :crossing fingers:

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