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Lancelot1 by acetylin
Posting quick because it is 5am and I really need to go to bed now.

Tonight (last night?) was the work Christmas 'do. IG2 went with me. Hung out with me most of the night. Then we went back to a friend's place for more drinks. When I went to go home, he offered to walk me. So we left the friends house at 115am. And we walked around, and sat in a park, and talked. And he just walked me home. 4 hours just talking. Just walking around. We shared a water bottle, we shared a smoke. We peed in unison (yet separately. Don't go getting kinky on me people)

He told me he couldn't come to a party I'm holding when I've got a house to sit, so he's coming over 2 days earlier for a drink. Just the two of us. And him coming over two days earlier was his idea.

This is the best non-date-date of my life.

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Sounds like you had a really wonderful time.

I think Non-date-dates are the best way to go so much less presure on both of you. Expect to here how the drinks went as well.

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