Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guitly pleasure of some description. Like, f'rinstance in movies. When someone asks you what you're favourite movie is,you feel compelled to say something along the lines of "Citizen Kane. The cimematogphoy and underlying subtleness of the plot is stunning. Truley a movie before and beyond it's time." when really, what you're thinking is "King Arthur. 'Cause it has sweaty men on horses. With swords, and chainmail. Did I mention the sweaty men on horses? They have purty accents. The sweaty men. Not the horses. Sometimes the sweaty men get all bloody. And more sweaty. I want to lick their toes."

In music, this song here is mine. Now, before you download I feel I should warn you about something. There is a whole barrel-load of profanity in it. The name of the song "Let me be your diry F@#$%ing whore" should give you an inkling of that, but really - you're not ready for exactly how much profanity this song has. But the profanity is exaclty why I enjoy it so. The song is done like "The Andrew Sisters" are singing it, and it never evers fails to make me laugh. I listen to it at least once a week. The band is Australian, and go under the name "Machine Gun Fellatio". On their new album they have a song called "Fuck Face." Which I am desperate to buy, but have bought myself enough CD's this Christmas

If anyone asks though - my favourite song is a Frank Sinatra one. Due to the underlying subtleness of the lyrics.

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