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I had a dream...

The other night I had this dream where you could buy life-sized Daniel Jackson Action Figures. There were two versions - Army Daniel and Professor Daniel - with another one due out in September. And! for only 49.95 dollars more you could buy this CD you inserted in his back so he could speak about 7 different langauges.

As far as dreams go it was... pleasurable yet distrubing. I think though the unsettling feeling I woke up with came more from the rest of the dream which I cannot remember. I have this vague deja vu-ish feeling that I was murdered in the dream and I had gotten caught at the 'Action Jackson' display. I know I was running down a hill, and I know I was so scared I couldn't breath in the dream. But the rest - complete blank. I can go into detail about the whole display - even describe how the figures were set up.

I can also tell you in length about the shoes I was wearing in the dream. Anyone into dream analyasis? The last time I remembered the shoes someone was wearing in a dream the wearer was my great-grandmother who had died six months previously.

So I think I shall ponder less on the disturbing aspects of it and concentrate on trying to see if I can remember what the third Action Figure was going to be. It did involve stubble....

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