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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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I had a dream...
My Tree thanks to slodwick
The other night I had this dream where you could buy life-sized Daniel Jackson Action Figures. There were two versions - Army Daniel and Professor Daniel - with another one due out in September. And! for only 49.95 dollars more you could buy this CD you inserted in his back so he could speak about 7 different langauges.

As far as dreams go it was... pleasurable yet distrubing. I think though the unsettling feeling I woke up with came more from the rest of the dream which I cannot remember. I have this vague deja vu-ish feeling that I was murdered in the dream and I had gotten caught at the 'Action Jackson' display. I know I was running down a hill, and I know I was so scared I couldn't breath in the dream. But the rest - complete blank. I can go into detail about the whole display - even describe how the figures were set up.

I can also tell you in length about the shoes I was wearing in the dream. Anyone into dream analyasis? The last time I remembered the shoes someone was wearing in a dream the wearer was my great-grandmother who had died six months previously.

So I think I shall ponder less on the disturbing aspects of it and concentrate on trying to see if I can remember what the third Action Figure was going to be. It did involve stubble....

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LOL! I like it -- I want one!!

Ooh, babies! You'd best not let Jack know Daniel's forsaken the Air Force for the Army! Methinks he'd not take it well! :g:

As to what the dream means... I'm thinkin' it means you've been on a marathon quest to read as much Daniel fic as you can and to see as many eps as you can get your hands on. As to the Action Figures... Let me know when they go on the market. I'll be the first in line. ; )

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