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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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You're not going to believe me.
Cute From mntsshadowolf
We're doing a Secret Santa at work, so they put our names in a dish and we had to pull one out.

I pulled out IG2's name. Oh how the god of freaky-arse coincidences loves to mock thee.

Now, the first thought I had was "How much would a pack of condoms and some KY cost?", but obviously this would be an inappropriate gesture. We can only spend up to A$20.00, which sort of narrows what you can buy a boy whose arm veins you wish to lick. Oatsy had what could be a nice idea - a trophy. It's something different, and could be personal without being too personal. And so I come to you my wonderful friends to help me.

What should the trophy be for? And please, keep all suggestions above the belt and with a Disney rating. I know you guys can do this - you're amazingly creative.