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(no subject)
Without trying to sound like I'm hyperventilating, I have astounded myself.

I think I have just asked IG2 out on a date.

And I think he replied "Yes"

But as you well know, I'm am crapola that this sort of stuff. So, while we are going out one night, he might not be thinking of it the same as I.

I shall report with more, but am at work and need to look busy get my work done.

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Oh yeah! I go like a going thing. Here's hoping I got it right, and we are going out together. It's a long story (one I'm sure you'll appreciate - it has all the hallmarks of my usual strangeness), and I'm going out to the local bar for a drink, and he might be there as well.

This may actually happen.

Yeah great news. Do I need to ask how you only think he said yes?

I've given up looking busy at work as I'm not very good at it.

Look forward to your report and have fun.

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