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Erika 3: Gravity 0
Well-thrown by wintercreek
The brave underwear has been holding me back.

Had the most splendiforous day today with IG2. Had to hang out with him for about an hour for work-related things. I needed him to sign off on some documents and I asked Oatsy to grab him for me.

"Hey IG2! Erika wants you!"

He comes bounding in, and pretends to rips his overralls off. Popped one button. I didn't fall over.

Later on I said to him "Do you wanna have some fun?" looking him straight in the eye. (I was talking about something to do with work that would peeve his boss off, but would make us laugh. Please get your minds out of the gutter.) He looked curious. I was elated I had said something so laden with innuedo the Queen would blush. I didn't fall down, though I did pink up.

And then I had to watch him outside in the sample prep shed (for a work thing. Imagine! Getting paid to watch IG2 work!!). His right sleeve was slightly up, so I could see about 3 cms of bare wrist skin. A hint of vein. I am ded. I didn't fall down.

And tomorrow, I have to spend about an hour with him (at least) teaching him how to clean a pump. Am very excited. Wish you were here to watch me not fall over.

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Great you didn't fall over sounds like you are having a lot of fun hope you continue to do so.

I am having loads of fun! Even if nothing happens with him, he's just a nice guy to hang out with.

And really, any day you don't fall over is a good day.

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