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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Resolutions for 2004
My Tree thanks to slodwick
This year I've decided to keep them simple, or at the very least, achievable.

1 - I shalt not get arrested.
2 - I shalt not streak at the football.
3 - I shalt not eat food that has a name I cannot pronounce.
4 - I shalt one day spend the entire day in my pyjamas and not feel guilty for it.
5 - I shalt call my friends more often.
6 - I shalt not forget my friends birthdays, or confuse my friends birthdays.
7 - Moisturise.
8 - Go to the gym.

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7 - Moisturise.

:g: Perhaps the only unofficial resolution I was able to keep last year. ('Cause, y'know, it's better to make 'em unofficial and keep them, than to make 'em official and not, I always say. Really. Always.)

Happy New Year, Erika! :-)

Happy New Year to you to Lumina~!
Right now, I'm jusst hoping to keep the first three. :g:

Sorry to hear about the heat - if it makes you feel better, it's hot here too

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