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Tablecloth by dorthywwom
Shellio, IG2, Garblet and myself were talking about ages today at work. Well, IG2 was in the room working, we were chatting. Shellio thought I was over thirty, to which a phshawed her, but then lost many credibility points by not remembering how old I actually am. Hey! I just forgot for a moment, and then couldn't subtract 1976 from 2004. Happens to the best of us!

Once I finally remembered what I am (and I remembered this from my idea of throwing myself a Not-30 party next year) I tried to save face by saying the reason I had trouble was that I'm really a 12 year old in a grown-ups body. Garblet looked at me with head cocked. "Y'know, I've always thought you were 16."


"Inside - I always thought you were about 16 years old."

Shellio agreed with her. My response - "I'm 12. At 16 I was reading Plath and John Webster and Shakespeare. I've regressed a lot since then. Hey! Do you guys remember the band N.W.A.??"

A big day - nay! - a big 2 days with IG2. Many discussions. Mostly about bubble wrap, cricket, goats and car crashes. More on all that tomorrow.

And for anyone who hasn't seen this - a most wonderful rant on the joys and bliss of periods.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll relate

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I think you are 28 and throwing a not 30 party next year could be a great idea also 29 the next one.

I like the idea you've regressed to 12 years old.

Look forward to updates

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