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Don't Call Me Kevie

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I'm a Freak of Nature
fuckwithme by tarar
Twice in the last two weeks I have been called a freak. Once by IG2 and today Shellio shook her head and marvelled at my weird and wonderful ways. I may have been attempting a quick rumba down the hallway at work. While singing ABBA.

This makes me wonder what it is exactly about myself that makes people think this, and then I wonder if my definition of freak is the same as other peoples.

I enjoy the randomly odd things I do. They make me happy, and most of the time they make other people laugh. And seriously -? If I can make someone laugh, that's my day done. And really, in the scheme of things, there are odder people than I out there. It's just that in the lab I'm the the king of the kids.

Is it a good thing? Is it a new fancy way to say something else? Or am I just odd?

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Yes, you're odd -- but odd can be lovely and funny. There are no rules on the oddity of oddness. ;-)

I agree you are very odd but wonderful non the less and if you suddenly acted completely average then I for one would be very scared. Sanity is over rated and fun makes the day go faster.

Which ABBA song?

I absolutely adore that the only thing you ask is which ABBA song it was. I believe that sums up my oddness well. Dancing at work = normal for me.

For the record, it was Take A Chance On Me.

Hmmm, I'm going to take that as a compliment. :g:

Oddballs unite!

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