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Bring on 2005! Full of Squee-ness already!

I am so looking forward to next year! It is insane how much I cannot wait until next year - or at least the first half of next year.

Why? I hear you ask.

December 2004 ('Cause that's when it all starts) My Xmas pressies to myself have already shown up, but I have to wrap them, and the wat until the 25th to unwrap them. Cannot wait - Due South Seasons 1 & 3, Hard Core Logo, and The Greatest Fits - Best of the Headstones are already waiting to be adored by me. ... May have to open one early to so I don't explode like a 3 year old high on red cordial.

January - Spend 1 week in Melbourne going to the Australian Tennis Open where I get to see absolutely magnificent male thighs in action the worlds best playing up close. So close they may very well throw sweat at me.
- Going to see Saturday Night Fever The Musical. (Everyone has a soft spot for Stayin' Alive. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)
- Have just bought my parents and myself tickets to see Harry Connick Jr at the Syndey Opera House the day after Australia Day. I may very well die from this alone. I <3 HCJ.

February - Have decided no matter what I shall send IG2 a V-card declaring my intentions. Shut up - I will. I will need you guys to push and prod me on this to make encouraging noises and suggestions so I don't end up looking like Glenn Close with a better haircut.
- Due to above plan, I may end up bumping uglies with someone for the first time in :cough: years. I just hope I remember who wears the blindfold and what the safe word is.

March - My birthday. It will Rock Tha House. I shall be throwing a not-yet-30 party that my friends shall talk about for two decades it shall be so great. There will be pie. And karoke. Maybe Sumo suits. But definately pie.
- I am going with Goth and Babbling to see Neil Diamond. Sweet Caroline is one of my top 3 karoke songs. I am thinking of buying a pair of sensible white briefs purely to throw on-stage.

Sometime later - Am planning on going to the US with my bro. Main plan is to not get arrested. Knowing the way my bro and I handle our alcohol (we end up acting like The Wiggles on Acid) that may be harder than it sounds.

And that's my 2005 so far. Harry!! Neil!!!!! Pie!!!! Am excited already!!

On a more calm note, today is my LJ's anniversary. Happy First dear journal.

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