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How Much of a Tool Am I?

I am a firm believer in owning up to random acts of stupidity. For two reasons - firstly, you cannot have public humiliation if there is no public to enjoy it. Secondly, somethings are just so stupid, so idiotic, so childish, and so funny your inner child will wet their pants in bemusement.

Yesterday, Christmas Day here in the land of Oz I was on night-shift. It mostly meant I would torture myself by only opening 3 presents, and sleeping the day away. After I woke at the reasonable hour of 4pm I got up, showered, and dressed. And it was the dressing I had problems with.

I spent the next two and a half hours merrily doing my own thing; feeding animals, rearranging the presents I hadn't touched under the tree, looking for a hidden nook or cranny in the house where Santa may have left Orlando and/or the Bubble Wrap. Got in the car and trotted off to work, singing merrily away to carols. (Note to self: Please learn what days 6 -12 are in the 12 Days of Christmas. Yelling the numbers very very loud does not make up for the fact you have no idea if the drummers are piping or the ladies are a-laying.) I looked down to swipe a fly off my lap and I noticed something very odd. My seam in my trousers was on the outside.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I had put my pants on inside out.

Now I parked the car and noticed there was about 6 guys standing outside the work gate. I had a decision to make; wrestle in the car and try to fix the problem, or hold my head high, and hope to hell they didn't notice. And while I did seriously toy with trying to fix my pants up while sitting in the car, I ended up going with hoping no-one noticed. And lucky for me they did not.

And when I got to the change rooms most of my shift was there, and I had to share my tale of toolish behaviour. I thought C would have to be taken to the Medical Centre to assist in breathing normally once more. Same with T - she went very red in the face and had to sit down for a very long time.

Which is why I told them; something that stupid needed to be shared. What's the point of doing something that splendidly ridiculous if you have no witness? And if anything - I think sharing moments like that is in the Xmas spirit. I bought them joy. Happiness. Maybe even some good will.

And I hope my tale made you smile. If only for the fact that if you ever do do something stupid in 2004, you can always say "well, at least I can dress myself."

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