Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

The glory of Snail Mail

cycnus39! How do I love thee! To get home and find such a delightful package of the most wonderful tea in the entire universe! Twinings! Chai!! I feel like a seven year old who has just downed three packets of red jelly crystals! I am most likely to use my weeks allowance of exclaimation marks up in this one post!

The evil customs people believe though that Tea is the devils drink, and thus felt the need to open it up and take a gander. The bastards even opened the packet that holds the tea bags. Then to top it off they added a delightful pamphlet on what people can and can't. How rude of them.

So, TimTams=good. Tea=bad. UK customs=easy going. Australian customs=right utter prigs.

But! Tea! I canne wait for work tomorrow now, for I shall start the day utterly contented with my Chai.

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