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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Well, it seems my idea of good and Santa's idea of good does not mesh.

Am more disappointed that there's no bubble-wrap as I finished off the last of what I had last night. Is there anything better than laying the wrap on the floor and then dancing/jumping around on it? I think not my friends. At least nothing that isn't illegal within the majority of the world. But enough of that.

Haven't opened all my gifts for two reasons. One - most are from me to me, and two - I'm on nightshift :blah: I figure I may as well leave most of my gifts until tomorrow morning when I can really enjoy them. I have opened a few, and I am very happy with the choices people made when selecting the perfect gift for thee.

My Mum though, wins hands down for the bestest ever gift. She somehow found toilet paper with Santa and a few Reindeer ice-skating. It's tacky, it's incredibly kitsch, it ... suits me perfectly. I cannot wait to go to work tonight to show all my friends what a cool gift Mum got me. Rang Mum the minute I opened it; she laughed, I laughed. This is why I love my Mum so much - only she would get me this. Only she would think I would actaully use it. (I shan't be using it. I shall be putting it on the mantle every year from now on to celebrate the commercialism of Christmas. When I told her I wouldn't use it, she reassured me she would get me more next year. Oh Ma, how I love ye. Who needs tinsel when you can toilet paper the tree? Hey - if I covered a house in it, would I get arrested, or given the prize for best decorations? This needs more pondering.

It's so weird, it wasn't until I got the loo paper that I started to miss my family. Being in a different state to them at this time of year hasn't bothered me before, but it would be nice to spend the day with people who know what an idiot I am, and what made me that way.

On the plus side, not being with them at this time of year means I don't have to see or talk to Evil!Gran. My brother is yet to forgive me for that. In fact, he thinks I moved 1500 kMs just to miss having to spend time with the witch. That may or may not have had weighting on my decision. He does not need to know the answer, and I do not have to keep laughing at him when he moans about her kissing him (but only because there were people around. You never show affection if others aren't there to judge you.)

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and joyful day, doing whatever you want with whomever you want (note to Santa, Christmas Day still has at least 16 hours left. It's okay to be tardy with your gifts)

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