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Lancelot3 by acetylin
I don't want to get anyone excited, but I may have a photograph of IG2. The Instrument tech Jordie is leaving for Laos in a few weeks, and wants photos of the different crews to take with him. So he got a photo of Crew 4 today, and he's going to send us all a copy. So, in a week or so I may very well have something for you. Yay! And I'll be in the photo too, which I'm not happy about (as I shall be wearing the prison-orange overalls), but I"ll keep me in it. I bare my soul to you guys, so I may as well bare my face.

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Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing what both you and IG2 look like. :-D

I fear the experience may be a disappointment for you.

He is young and gorgeous and incredibly well-mannered (I have never heard him swear, and only yesterday he called me 'a lady'. But more on that later), so even if the pic doesn't pick up his wonderfulness, trust me when I tell you he has one of the most stunning bottoms I've seen lately. I really need to stop staring at work. Someone is going to catch me.

I really hope this photograph works.

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