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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Just out of curiousity
I was wondering why people friended me/read me? Is it due to my telling stories about how I went outside and got all the way to work before realising my trousers were on inside out? Do you enjoy reading about my pathetic love life, happy in the knowledge that there's someone else out there who blushes when a good-looking boy talks to you? Are you here for fandom stuff (and if so, which fandom)? Are you here for cake?

Let me know, I'm dying of curiosity here

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LOL! Definitely your stories about life down-under, since I don't seem to live that kind of exiting life. I blame it completely on the crappy weather ;-)
Actually, in my case I could ask the same since I was first friended by you, then as the nice person I am (heh!) I friended you back. As for fandom, Magnificent Seven, of course. You're saying there are other fandoms out there???

Yeah, living in Australia can be hazardous to your health sometimes. The next time I get an emu at the front of my room looking for water, I'll take a photo for you :g:

Since I asked and you answered, you were one of the first people I friended when I joined LJ. I came here via thenightsfall, and you sounded nice and interesting and you liked Mag7. Three good reasons to friend.

Definitely mostly the inside out trowsers (it's good to know that these things happen to someone else, too ;-) ) and the love life, although I am also interested in the M7 stuff. :-)

It does help knowing that there's someone out there who gets up to such ridiculous antics llike I do :g:

I don't know if I'd go as far as to call it "a love life" - it's more like an awkward teenflick, without the happy ending. But it's fun - and I usually end up thinking - I can't wait to write this up, so others can enjoy my pain the situation.

Love your icon - is that yarn?

It is dyed wool - I like to use that kind of wool for making little dolls, like the girl with the sunflower that hangs on my twig.

And thank you. :-) I seem to be a bit scattered tonight... ;-)

Actually, you friended me first. When I saw what a fun, witty, and downright silly person you were, I friended you back. :-D

I friended you because I love the decline and fall fics. And the way you write Chris is one of the best portrayals in the fandom. And I find it incredibly interesting to read about how someone goes putting together their thoughts to end up with a coherent fic.

Glad my silliness brings you joy :g:

We can all use a little silliness in our lives. As Oscar Wilde once said, life is far too important a thing to ever take seriously. :-D

I'm glad you like the D&F series. John and Ezra remain near and dear to my heart, even if I don't talk much about them these days. I'm still toying with the idea of pulling the series off the web and tweaking it into an original novel of some kind, I just haven't quite decided how yet.

"Transit" I'll leave as it is. I'm proud of that fic, dammit!

You friended me first, and I always thought it was the Australian or slasher or possibly fandoms in common thing?

Yep, it was an Australian-slasher thing. And also because my hometown is about an hour and a half from you - you once dubbed me some Mag7 tapes for me. It's cool reading stuff from someone who has the same weather as my parents. :g:

You have saved me from many a case of homesickness.

Its cos of the Mag 7 interest as I don't think there is an awful lot of us about. :O)

And your life is a lot more interesting then mine, I have been there with the trousers scenario myself I wish that some gorgeous bloke would chat to me for me to blush and stutter, may be it's cos I wear a very large neon sign that says desperate and unhappily married woman nearing her menopause, seeks any male that stands round long enough for a quickie . Oh god!!!

Hello there! There's not many of us Mag7 fans out there, but we're fun :g:

I don't know if I would call my life interesting - it's unusual the amount of chaos I have happen to me, that's all.

Can I ask how you found me?

Oooops sorry
found your journal via freyan.

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