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(no subject)
by Crunkette - Lancelot
In 10 mintues I am leaving for work, which means in about half an hour - give or take - I shall be seeing IG2 for the first time since he gave me that foot massage. I am feeling incredibly nervous.

It doesn't help that G said to me the day before yesterday "Don't worry, you didn't sleep with him.", while her partner came into my lab yesterday going "You know there was sex at our house last Friday, and it wasn't me and G?"

I know there was no bumping uglies happening that night, but honestly, if it had arisen (no pun intended) I probably wouldn't have said no. Especially after having his fingers in action on the sole of my left foot.

So, should I

Pretend that night was nothing out of the ordinary for me (even though that foot rub made me see stars)
Casually find out if he would like to go out Saturday after work
Thank him for taking care of me, and say "The next time it's my turn."
Grab him by the lapels of his overalls and kiss him senseless in the cribroom
Call in sick

If answer is "casually find out if he would like to go out Saturday after work, what is the best way to go around that?