Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Photo Three

Photo of my favourite place to read. Well, I've got two places, but they're both in the pic.

I'm such a couch potato

Things of interest... um, that brown blob is my honest-to-goodness couch potato: a friend got it for me one birthday. There's also my Clifford the Big Red Dog doll, which I bought for my godson, but have never managed to hand over to him. Well, it would be wasted on a two year old is my way of thinking.

When I moved to Roxby Mum had a friend make me that quilt, so I could take some home with me no matter where I ended up. The crochet rug is the last thing my great-grandmother made me before she died.

Everybody should have a purple bean bag. They rock.

That book is "The Burning Girl" by Mark Billingham. Not bad, but I hated the ending.

On my bedside table you can see a pewter jewlery box. My mum and I call it "My dead Nun." It's called the "Sister Odelia Award" after a nun. Funnily enough, Nanna K actually knew her.

So, anyone else interested in me taking a pic of anything??

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