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Photo number two
Life. Love. Arithmatic
Here's the photo of where I update me lj.

Yep, I sit on the floor The door is my front/only door. You can also see my enviro-friendly shopping bags, and my the bag I take to work. And then there's some of my CD's, and my idea of organised chaos underneath the desk.

Oh! I saw the girl today who molested my nipple the other night. She was horrifed, and couldn't apologuise enough. I told her it was fine (heck, I told her it was fine on the night), but she kept saying sorry. Like I said to her, if I had a dollar for everytime my nipple got lucky - I'd be a lonely bankrupt little girl.

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Those are my brand new thongs from Colorado. A little bit dressier than normal rubber double plugger thongs, and a lot more comfortable.

And since I've got you here, I managed to get to the post office Tuesday and mailed off more Tim Tams than you could possibly slam.

YAY! Tim Tams! YAY!! :-D

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