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Don't Call Me Kevie

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the day after the day after the night before
Bad Day from faula
I've been talking to some of the people at the party... it would appear I am a great entertainer. Of which I have little or no reccelection.

I do a lot of stupid things when I'm drinking: there's a photograph out there in the world where there's me and an old boss of mine in the middle of June (This is Australia, so June is mo-fo-ing cold), where the top halves of us are dressed to the nines for a racing carnival, and the bottom halves have our trousers bunched up around our ankles. Someone my boss thought it would be a great photo, and someone else me thought that "that was the greatest idea in the entire universe" And that's an exact quote from yours truely. I believe I even spoke in italics.

Apparently the other night I did my Pimp dance. I am cringing just thinking of it.

Y'know I honestly think the only reason I have never ended up with a tattoo is purely due to there never being a tattoo parlour open when I'm inebriated.

On a rather sombre note, Mum called yesterday. My Nana K fell in the bathroom during the night and has broken her left hip. Due to the meds she's on for diabetes, high blood pressure and other elderly-related illness' they can't operate until tomorrow. It's a bit of a shock for her kids - they can't' handle her being fragile - but it sounds like they're all holding it together. Just.

I adore and admire my Nana so much. It's not often in this day and age you know someone who didn't have an indoor toilet until they were 82. Before she moved into the 'Retirement Village" every house she has ever lived in had an outdoor one. It was, in fact, her outdoor toilet where I had my first full-scale battle encounter with a frog.