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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick
Note to self - even though you think you do, you have absolutely no friggin'idea when it comes to computers. Being all stubborn and independent just makes bad things worse when trying to fix a problem way out of your league.

So, I've decided to buy myself my Xmas pressie early *is ignoring fact I just bought Season3 DVD box set of due South, and Hard Core Logo for my Xmas present.* and buy myself a new lap-top. Dammit, I live in a bloody dog box in the middle of bloody nowhere, and have more money than sense. Besides, a new one is all pretty and shiny. I like shiny.

The new lap-top should be here sometime next week. So Yay!! for that. And now I'll actually wrap up those DVD's when they get here from Canada, and get a friend to hold them for me until Xmas eve. ('Cause I have the wil-power of a gnat.)

cycnus39 I got your address. I should be able to post the TimTams later this week or early next. Or, I might be evil and withhold them. I most likely won't though. Withholding TimTams is akin to not knowing the words to Khe Shan here in Oz. A jailable offence.

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