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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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The Best & Worst of Xmas
My Tree thanks to slodwick
What I love the most about Christmas - Carols By Candlelight.

What I hate the most about Christmas - Carols by Candlelight always being held in the total fire ban season. Carols by glowsitcks just don't have the same ring.

I don't think I'd ever like to have snow at Xmas - I enjoy the heat, and spending Boxing Day in front of the telly with the air con on high alternating between the cricket and the Sydney to Hobart boat race - but I would like to know my enjoyment of carols won't accidently kill a family of koalas.

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We got four inches of snow today! We have candles with our carols and no koalas to worry about. ;-p

Haggis don't count. *G*

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