Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

SG:1 Fallout

'Cause seriously that was my first thought. Of course, it could have just been the Gou'ld being all psychologically clever and using the idea that people are most attracted to those who have some resemblence to themselves, but dude - w-a-a-y too close to being siblings for my liking. The matching hair cuts was bad enough. The matching jaw lines was above and beyond the line.

I absolutely adore Jack and Teal'c in this. Without either of them being over-the-top (and sometimes that's hard for Jack to achieve) I think they showed how much they blame the Kelowians for Daniel's demise-ascension-whatever you wish to call it. They really didn't want to help the people of that planet.

Daniel's need to help them struck me as a bit odd, because really - no matter how evolved you are, you're going to habour at least a tiny bit of disgruntleness for the people who sat back and tried to lay blame on you while you lay dying of a horrible and painful sickness. But thinking on this I came up with three possible reasons for Daniel trying so hard to get these people to cooperate and save themselves:

1 - He's so stubboron that if given a seeming unwinnable situation, he will try to solve it to spite everyone.
2 - Not only did Oma wipe Daniel's memory of his time as an Ascended, she also wiped the events leading up to it. 'Cause who wants to remember dying like that?
3 - He was doing it to prove to himself he doesn't hold a grudge against them (which is why he wasn't that upset when Jack said that they wouldn't save any of them since they were being pricks about the whole thing)
4 - He did it because he knew it would piss Jack off and would result in some hot angry sex up against the refrigerator later that night.

And a big YAY!! for Jack when he said "That's what you get for dicking around." He was so smug when he said that. And he had Hammond's backing on it, which made it all the more sweet.

A question about the Goul'd. How could they be sure it was dead? I mean, this snake had been hiding without the girl for what - months? years? - without detection. It had the means to hide itself from Teal'c and Super Sam, so whats to stop it from having a back-up plan? It would have known that the possibility of being caught was probable, so wouldn't it make sense to have a means to fake death? We're not talking about Tok'Ra who think dying for a human is the best thing since Daniel discovered white singlets, we're talking about snakes that consider Humans cattle to be used, abused and thrown away. When Kowalski died way back in Season 1, the doctors had removed the goul'd's body, but it had still managed to meld its mind to Kowalski and live on. Where's the proof is all I'm saying.

All in all I thought Fall Out was a better episode than Grace. Not by much though, but it was still fun to watch.

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