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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Favourite Things Part 2
My Tree thanks to slodwick
My favourite word of all time is without a doubt Quincunx .

Mostly becuase it sounds so deliciously rude, but isn't.

For those who enjoy useless infomation, "1. An arrangement of things by fives in a square or a rectangle, one being placed at each corner and one in the middle; especially, such an arrangement of trees repeated indefinitely, so as to form a regular group with rows running in various directions."

Now if I could only find a way to work it into conversation at least once a day I would never be sad again.

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Ah, whenever you're with a group of people discussing something, you can say knowledgeably: I think we should form a quincunx.

Failing that, just drop above sentence randomly into every conversation. ;-)

An excellent suggestion!

The next time I'm in a meeting, and people are saying 'Do we have a quorom?' I shall reply, "No, but we could form a quincunx."

I think everyone should have a favourite word and your's is wonderful. I like words you can roll around your mouth my favourite at the moment is Soporific "Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep; soporiferous; as, the soporific virtues of opium". I think it could be a wonderful insult. I also like long words such as onomatopoeia.

Re: Favourite words

Shorter words can also be pleasing. The rhythm and repitition of banana, for example, make it one of my favourite words. :-)

Now That is a great word! I shall make it my goal before it use soporiferous in a sentence today. In fact, I've got a stint on-air today, and I shall make it my goal to use it then.

'Tis nice to exercise the tongue.

I wish you lots of luck using it today I tend to use it to describe the office at about 2pm in the afternoon when we've all eaten too much and thed heating is making the place so warm.

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