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SG1: Grace
Cute From mntsshadowolf
I have a confession to make: sometimes I like Sam.

Well, that ep was a little bit crap. There were some things I liked. Daniel fluttering his eyes at Sam; that made me laugh out loud and rewind a few times. And I also liked, um, er, I'm sure there was something else I liked.

Thought some of it was interesting, but eh. It was an ep I could have lived without. Sam's interpretations of the men was odd, though not unexpected. Did find it intriging she imagined her Dad, Daniel and Teal'c suited up in versions of their uniforms, and Jack came to her in civvies. I wonder if that was due to the fact she has more to do with the other three in a personal way, and Jack and Sam's relationship has always been kept on-base. He also seemed to have the personality closest to what I see when I watch the show.

And I know TPTB want us to believe Sam and Jack want to do things that would make their insides feel all special and tingly, but watching the talk between the two of them I couldn't help but wonder when the writers of 'Passions' had joined the creative team for SG:1. All that needed to be done was replace Grace with Timmy and it would have made my day. It may have even made the episode a keeper for me.

Did anyone else think Daniel was mainlining sugar crystals? He was very much a seven year old on a sugar high. And I still miss Teal'c. He's there, but not.

According to the TV guide the episode on tonight is "Fall Out." I hope it's a better than "Grace".