Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Family Matters

The other day I was walking around work muttering to myself "Why is today's (the 13th) date so familiar?" It nagged at my brain until 2pm, when instead of thinking thirteenth of September I wrote 13/9/04: It was my parent's wedding anniversary.

So I hopped on the 'phone and rang my brother to remind him, which meant he would ring Mum and congratulate her and he would get to be the good child for once .

And after I told my brother our parents had been married for twenty-nine years he proceeded to tell me about the girl he picked up the other weekend. Way too much infomation to know about ones brother. Needless to say, once the talk about her nipple piercings sunk into my brain I metaphorically put my fingers in my ears and went "La La La La La! I can't hear you over my singing! La La La!!" She's also 18 and still in high school.

My mind shall never recover.

But anyway it was indeed my parents wedding anniversay. They had also forgotten, so I don't feel so bad not sending them a card. I can't believe they've been married that long - in this day and age that's like abnormal.

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