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Things that shouldn't need to be explained
My Tree thanks to slodwick
to a 33 year old, twice married mother of three.

1 - The mechanics of anal sex.

2 - What exactly "a daisy chain" is in an orgy.

I even had to draw pictures for her.

The worst thing about this - while I was drawing a stick figure version of a four-way I called the woman's vagina a "fou-fou" and the mens' penis' "doo-dad's"

Does anyone else have these types of conversations at work, or is it just me?

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I have never said "fou-fou" in my life and, what's more, never plan to. Thank you.

It's not something you can ever plan to say. It was just by my second stick figure drawing of man-man-woman-man in a most impessive 69 I I had used up my quota of genitaila words.

Hey - did the fou-fou break your porn?

Hey - did the fou-fou break your porn?

Now that you mention it.... ;-)

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