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StarGate:SG1 - Evolution
Cute From mntsshadowolf
Yeah, I know it's an old ep for you guys, but the evilness that is Channel 7 has finally resumed showing Season Seven.

I absolutely loved the South America stuff. Dr. Lee baffles me - I don't know why, but I keep expecting an Acme Anvil to drop from the sky and kill him. He's that kind of character.

Daniel. Arms. Sweaty white singlet. Nothing else really needs to be said about that.

Jack is so teh gay. Firstly, there's that lemon sorbet coloured shirt he's wearing when he first mets up with Eliot Burke. I'm not saying clothes maketh the man, but that's not a colour I ever imagined Jack wearing. Perhaps he got Queer Eye'd on his days off?

And then there's the exchange he has with Burke at the end. Jack says he'll help Burke get transferred, and Burke replies he wanted sun, sand and women who were flexible/bendy (I can't remember the exact phrase), and JAck justs looks confused and say "Whatever." Dude! So right the right response! When old friends mention bendy women you're supposed to guffaw and poke each other in the ribs with your elbow and say things like "I'd like a piece of that!" Not be all "Women? You sure?"

Got a big laugh when Daniel and Dr. Lee were standing there pretty sure (but not 100%) that the device is turned off. And that little shuffle away Daniel did. And then there was the Daniel/Rock moment I've heard so much about. Utter Joy.

I really could have lived without the whole Predator take-off Jaffa-Gou'ld thing. And I couldn't get my head around Jacob. When he put that suit on I swear he grew half a foot and lost about 30 kilos. It was very boring, and Teal'c is lovely, but please he doesn't suit being used as just walking background.

And Sam! She got hit in the face, and her arm was in a sling. Did she not learn how to fall correctly in self-defence class?? Also, getting hit that hard.... at least give her a black eye. Or something.

The banter between her and Jack at the end was just bizarre. So I'm ignoring that and going back to thinking about Daniel. And The Arms!

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I'm so glad someone else noticed that AMAZINGLY gay shirt that Jack was wearing. It always cracks me up.

The shirt was way distracting. All I kept thinking was "That's not very black ops-y!"

I love that yellow shirt! He's scrumptious in it. And yes, somewhat gay, too. *g*

I was surprisingly disappointed in this ep. So much Jack screen-time, only to waste it with a guest star. Couldn't we have had a little more Jack/Daniel together time instead? Couldn't we have Jack looking just a little engaged in the process? Maybe some sort of sense of urgency that Daniel is missing and in danger? And those painful Sam/Jack scenes. Just so awkwardly done. Not to mention the quick cuts between the A plot and B plot. I was getting whiplash from it.

Thing is I'm quite easy to please when it comes to the show, so I'm not sure how this ep managed to bug me in such a big way. Usually I just enjoy the good parts (Daniel and the Arms!) and overlook the not-so-good. But this one...it irks me.

Couldn't we have had a little more Jack/Daniel together time instead?

I know! Neither Jack or Daniel seemed pleased or relieved to see each other when Jack came to the rescue. At the very least a hug would not have been out of the question. Especailly with Daniel being all sweaty and the rest

And they really should have done one story or the other. The jumping around was a bit much. I can see what people were saying now when this was first shown. There's no team - no togetherness. What happened to our four Space-keteers, roaming the universe with nothing but their wits, banter and zats to save them? I miss those crazy kids.

And lordy, they do like to force Jack/Sam on the audience. Blech.

Unfortunately though, I think I am shallow enough that I'd be okay with Jack and Sam having mad passionate love-making monkey sex on the briefing table as long as Daniel was in the foreground with his arms being all - er - great in their Arm!ness. It's not something I'm proud of.

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