Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Leon The Brave

Sometimes you can overhear the most astounding things.

My parents and I were staying in an apartment block while we were in Adeliade. It had short-term and long-term stay options, so if you wanted to you could live there for a while. I had gotten to the apartment 5 hours earlier than Mum and Dad (becuase I drove from Roxby, and they were flying from home), so I had the place to myself. The guy at the front desk explained the place to me, and that the apartment had its own telephone line, with it's own telephone number and if there were any messages there was a blinking light on the 'phone. Coolness.

I'd been in the place for about an hour when I noticed that the blinking light on the telephone was indeed blinking. Thinking it was Mum or Dad checking up on me ('cause, no matter how old you get, your parents still think you're an incompetent 12 year-old year) so I checked the message.

It wasn't them. It was a man called Leon who had a rather thick accent. It was either an Arabic or Eastern Europe (you know what I mean - the voice is deep and thick and the vowels are long and the end of words sound short.)

Neither my parents or myself know anyone who goes by that name, and since I'm a nosey thing I figured hey - I'm already listenining I may as well see what this man wanted. This is the message he left.

"Hello. This is Leon calling for Margaret M. I find you ravishing. Yes. Thank you."

Leon had left this message a week ago, and since the light was still blinking, I'm assuming the person who it was for never got it. Which makes me sad: Leon sounded like he had really worked up some courage to call, and when he got the message bank he wasn't sure what to do. But he was so definate that he thought she was attractive. And really, the word ravishing is not used nearly enough these days.

My friend G took me out of my lovely romantic notions about Leon when I told her the story by wondering if the guy was just trying to marry himself citizenship. Or was stalking her.

So Leon, whereever you are, whoever you are, I hope one day you find your Margaret.

In fact, I hope one day we all find our own version of Leon - a person to whom we shall be ravishing.

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