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My Tree thanks to slodwick
Last night I had a dream I was in the Final Four of the Final Twelve on Idol. Lord knows how I made it that far. Well, there was a scandal that caused two guys to pull out when it got down to six, but I wasn't really listening to the Andrew G or James as they explained it all. I also know that none of my friends or family voted for me. And I know this as I asked them in my dream. I believe my Mum's exact words were "No. You're a crap singer." A friend laughed and exclaimed "Are you kidding?!?!?"

I was crap. I'm a crap singer in RL - unless we're talking Karaoke and then I'm cooler than Elvis. So who the heck voted me in????

I wonder if I should try and interpet this? Maybe I should just lay off the Chupa-chups before bedtime.

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All I can say is that weired dreams are the least of what you deserve for watching the utter gack! that is the Idol progs. :-P

But, but, but I don't watch Idol! They have just flooded magazines and the radio with the drek that you can't help know who's who.

Okay - I admit I'd like to watch the first eps where the singers are just really bad. And people cry.

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