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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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I'm back/From outer Space
Guh - lamardeuse
Well, Adelaide. But you can't tell the two apart.

Long version short: Had a great time seeing my parents. No-one lost an eye (though it Dad did come close to me stabbing him with a used Chupa-Chup stick. Dad, if I ask you to look in the Street Directory to assist me when I'm driving on the highway, please don't pick it up, flick the pages, put it on the floor of the car and say "I think you should turn left. That'll probably get us there.")*

Also went to the Donald Bradman Museum. My life has been enriched because of it. No. Really. It has. And I know all you non-Aussies are now going "Who's Donald Bradman?", while any Aussie men are saying "Wow - I bet that was really cool." Australian women are just shaking their heads and sayinig "You poor bastard. Who'd you kill to get that sort of punishment?"

But it was good.

Should it worry me that the most exciting thing we did we the dang Museum? 'Cause, that's starting to freak me out.