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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Oh Dear.
Panda Kiss
I fear the CS Cowboy I just drank had far more alcohol in it that I first suspected. For only one small can of 250mLs it would appear that I am inebriated. Let me check the ingredients. Huh - 14% alcohol/vol. That does explain it.

I'm not incredibly drunk - just 'buzzy'. You know that feeling where you think your face is starting to go numb and you're half tempted to punch yourself in the nose just to make sure - that's where I'm at now. What annoys me is I finished the drink an hour ago, and it's only just kicked in.

I feel like such a Cadbury's right now. (for those overseas for whom that makes no sense - the slogan for Cadbury's chocolate is "A glass and a half full." It's the same as saying I'm a two-pot screamer. Which probably doesn't make any more sense than calling me a Cadbury's. Have I ever told you I really ramble badly when drinking? Well, now you know.)

I think I should go to bed before I do something I might not regret in the morning... well, it's probably a very good thing I do not have the Boy's home phone number or address.

:kisses everyone: