Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Sometimes slash isn't about the sex. Sometimes it's about writing of the perfect ordinary moment between two men who love each other. Sometimes the best slash fics have nothing more but a kiss in them. Sometimes both characters keep their clothes on and yet after reading the fic you crave a cigarette and wish to lick the toes of the writer of the fic because it was so lovely to read.

Sure, sex is great to read about, but there's more to it than that. If I wanted to read gay porn, I would. But I want to read about relationships, and long angst-y beginnings to beautiful relationships for characters from television shows I love. I want my favourite emotionally stunted male characters making that leap and taking that chance for happiness, and if they do get a happy ending that results in a roll between Egyptian cotton than more kudous to them! But they don't have to all the time.

Why do some people seem to think slash automatically equals cum-pumping man sex? I'm not saying sex in slash is a bad thing - but there just seem to be some writers in some fandoms that think slash fic should read like the script from "12 Horny Men" or something. Some fic makes me feel dirty in a bad way.

Do some fandoms lend themselves more to the male-sex than the slash? Do some characters lend themselves more to the idea of a rent-boy for all instead of being a person wanting to make a connection to someone else?

I'm not looking for answers - I doubt there is one to these questions - but 'tis nice to get that off the chest.

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