Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Book Recs Wanted

Since I'm going to be in the city next week, I shall be making my usual stop-over at the Big-Arse Borders bookshop in Rundle Mall. The only teeny-tiny probelm I shall have there is my parents will be with me. This in itself is an awfully Good Thing, but they do not understand my need to browse in a book store for three hours. And then going back the next day for another two hour spell because I didn't get to the second floor the first day.

So, my dear friends, I wish one thing from you. I need to have my list of books I desperately need to read before I get there so I can make my trip into the store as quick and painless for my parents as possible.

Have any of you read a book lately that you think needs to be read? Or have you got a favourite book that has changed your life and you think should be read by everyone you know?

So far on my list of books to buy is "Eats shoots and leaves" and "Cunt:A Declaration of Independance", but I'm sure there's some gem of a book out there I need to know about.

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