Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Up-date on my very bad, no good horrible day and other stuff

After the whole cat urine in the suitcase and flooding the laundry and kicking used cat litter all over the flooded laundry, you'd think the day would get better.

Oh no, my friends, oh no. First up - Amos (the dog) vomited in the kitchen. All this before 6am. I deserve a frickin' medal. Or at the very least a Boy Scout-like badge. Someone cleverer than I needs to feel the urge to make me a Boy-Scout badge in "Early morning toilet debacle retification" or something like that.

That night when I got home from work one of the cats had vomited on the lounge. It was a perfect full circle way to end the day.

Am over animals.

I went to the movies today and saw "King Arthur"

Arthur and Lancelot are so doing it.

Loved the fight scenes. I thought the huge battles in King Arthur were much better than the ones in Troy. I know those two movies don't seem to be connected, but both myself and Crusty were discussing at work how funny the big fights were in Troy - the two guys would start to fight it out, and everyone around them would stop whatever they were doing and watch. It was like they were in school or something. I kept waiting for the armies in Troy to start clicking their fingers and singing "When you're a Jet/You're a Jet all your days/From your first....."

I was very happy to see the armies in King Arthur kept on fighting when the big names were duking it out.

Was not at all surprised Lancelot bought it in the end. Dude! What were you thinking!?! Everyone knows the moment you tell someone what to do the the unlikely event of your death you're going down. It's your own fault, really.

Do you know what I hate the most about The Olympics? I sit there, and I seriously think I could do that. I was watching the Women's Diving the other day, and while one of the women was doing a Handstand two and a half pike or something like that I thought "I could do that. That's piss easy."

And during the Olympics I honestly believe that of every single sport. Except the Marathon. That's just extremem even for Sporty!Erika. And I also firmly believe it's my parents fault I'm not an Olympian - either as a diver or a shot-putter or a synchronised swimmer. Y'see (and this logic works for everything - try it yourself) not only is it my parents fault we didn't live in a town that had a diving (or whatever sport I happen to be watching at the time) programme, they didn't push me to become a diver (or, whatever sport I'm watching at the time). Even though I had absolutely no inclination to be sporty as a child, and faked many an illness to get out of sports at school my parents should have just known that deep deep deep deep deep down I would have been perfect for any event at the Olympics. And I would have especailly rocked in whatever advertisment deal I got when I came back with my gold medal.

The sooner the Olympics is over, the sooner I can go back to being the bestest non-sporting sloth I can be.

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