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Am dying. Send slash.

Home from the gym. I may never leave my little room again!

Yesterday I went to the gym and began the 12 week challenge routine. It focused on the lower body and by the end I felt a bit knackered, but alive. Today I went and did my cardio - 20 mintues on the bike doing a mountainous (Is that a word? 'Cause I'm gonna use it regardless) - and my stomach is in agony.

I guess the little Bhudda in me wants to stay that way. The svelte sex-goddness in me is trying to get out. It's gonna be a bloody battle between the two of them, I can only hope to survive.

So, since it's such a cold and miserable day I am contemplating going back to bed, watching the Paul Kelly special on Music Max and reading slash. I've deserved it.

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