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Light 'er up

I would one day like to see a human sacrifice used to light an Olympic Torch. It would be very interesting, and, depending on the human used, could help bring all countries together.

I was thinking this as the guy lit the torch at Athens - I was very worried for his safety - and I began to wonder if that was part of the plan all along. If there had been a gust of wind at the wrong time he would have needed to change his pants at the very least. The same thing at the Sydney ones where Cathy Freeman stood in the middle of a ring of fire - Mother Nature doesn't like it when we mix things up like playing with fire. One day she'll turn on us. Lets face it - the organisers of the torch lighting are trying to get us ready for the human sacrifice.

They'll most likely use an athlete who has put the Games into disrepute. Or a Boy Band. The Boy Band would be more fun - you'd get a hit record, hit theme song for the Games and a catchy little dance number people can do.

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