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I'm like Swizterland!

How evil are you?

In other news, I have an up-date on The Boy! Who, incidently, is very much a Boy. We have an age now. Boy. Not Man. Boy. But, it is a long up-date so I shall do that later - most likely tomorrow.

And for those who have are non-sporty - that sports carnival is on in Greece very very soon.

This year I'm going for two countries. Australia (of course. If I didn't go for my own country I'd be made to sit through a "Blue Heelers", "McCleod's Daughters" and "Hey!Dad!" Mega-marathon.) and I'm also going for Equatorial Guinea. You all remember Equatorial Guinea, don't you? At the Sydney Olympics Eric Moussambani almost drowned during his 100m freestyle heat.

So heres to Equatorial Guinea! (Annybody else want to join me in choosing a realy small country to barrack for? It will be fun - I promise!)

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Apparently I'm 'twisted' on the surprise there then. ;-) But I was a little confused: I didn't think England had been a European country in it's own right for a few hundred years. :-P

At least you're twisted. How on earth am I neutral? I would have thought saying 'I like me a bit of homoerotcia' at least three times at work would have given me some sort of evil-status.

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